About Us


The mission of The Rosetta Center for Counseling and Wellness is to identify and meet the psychological needs of our community, with a strategic focus on serving the African American community. It is the goal of The Rosetta Center to empower, educate, and affirm all individuals to thrive and live their true calling.


Professionalism All staff members of the Rosetta Center adhere to the highest legal and ethical standards and relevant industry codes.


RespectEvery client is treated with dignity and respect.


QualityThe Rosetta Center delivers high-quality services that are both empirically and community-supported.


ConfidentialityA client’s right to privacy is respected and all client information is  kept confidential.


Community EngagementThe Rosetta Center offers and participates in community events that promote the principles of health and wellness.

Personal and Collective EmpowermentEach client served is encouraged to be an active participant in their own life, to develop their own path towards wellness, and to contribute to the creation of healthy families and communities.


Holistic Well-BeingThe Rosetta Center seeks to support the integration of all dimensions of wellness including social, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, occupational, environmental and financial to create the optimal environment for healing and thriving.


Cultural Competence and HumilityThe Rosetta Center is committed to ongoing training in assessment and service delivery to underserved populations.  We seek to learn as much about various cultural identities at the same time recognizing our own limitations.  We approach each person with an openness and humility that allows us to learn about an individual’s personal experience within their culture in their own terms.  We are always learning!

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation and that is an act of political warfare.” Audre Lorde

Our Team
Tiffany Mimms, PhD_CPsy_Assistant Professor 600px

Tiffany Mimms, Ph.D.

President, Psychologist

Establishing a positive therapist-client relationship is crucial to the success of psychotherapy. Creating an environment where you feel safe to discuss any concern is a primary goal of my therapeutic approach. I treat each client with respect, cultural sensitivity, and a strong sense of professional ethics. I see my role as both a collaborator and teacher. I like to actively work with you as we explore your unique concerns, struggles, and strengths. I use my expertise to highlight key patterns in your life that may be keeping you stuck, and to present alternative perspectives and strategies to help achieve your goals.I provide psychotherapy to adults struggling with depression, relationship difficulties, poor body image, low self-esteem, stress, grief, loss and life transitions. My specialties include sexual assault, domestic violence, and gender and cultural concerns. I also work with couples seeking to improve their communication and relationship satisfaction.

License: PSY21784


Judith Parker, Ph.D.

Psychological Assistant

I earned my Master of Science degree as a Mental Health Counselor in 2010 and worked in Berkeley, California. I am currently a Psychological Assistant and am working towards my psychology doctoral degree and licensing. I have experience in individual and group therapy working with clients who are struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, abuse/trauma, grief and loss, domestic violence as well as couples and families who wish to improve their communication and relationships. I work with clients from diverse cultures in a collaborative effort that builds on individual differences and strengths. I assist clients to identify core conflicts to treat underlying causes and symptoms and ultimately assist clients to develop their own path towards wellness.

License: PSB94021959​


CHioko Grevious

*New therapist starting soon!*

kayla 2021 headshot

Kayla Farlow, B.S.

Intern/Office Assistant

I recently graduated from William Jessup University with a bachelors in Psychology and will go on to complete my MSW in hopes of working with children and families. I have a passion for people and believe that mental health is a crucial aspect of our overall health. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at The Rosetta Center so far and look forward to continually learning more from Dr. Mimms. I am here to assist with anything that I can. I firmly believe in The Rosetta Center’s mission and values and seek to do my part in making it welcome to all, treating people with respect and actively listening to each client’s concerns and needs.