About Us

Tiffany Mimms, PhD Prof Crop(2)

Tiffany R. Mimms, Ph.D., CPLC

Founder, Psychologist, Coach

License: PSY21784

As the founder of The Rosetta Center, I want to say  thank you for taking the time to get to know us.  Let me tell you a little about me.   I am licensed  psychologist and certified professional  life coach.  I am also certified as an organizational specialist (think: decluttering and organized spaces) and as a domestic violence responder.  I have over 20 years of experience providing psychological services for a wide range of clinical issues in a variety of settings including hospital inpatient units, elementary, junior and senior high schools, university mental health centers, and sexual assault/domestic violence treatment centers.  Before opening The Rosetta Center I was in private practice for years.  I have taught graduate level psychology courses and trained numerous graduate students. I am a regular speaker, trainer, and consultant to educational institutions, community organizations, and corporations on topics such as Trauma-Informed Care, Burnout,  Mental Health and Wellness in the Workplace, Self-Care, and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. I have conducted research on domestic violence homicide, the experiences of Black college students on predominantly White university campuses, and the psychological concerns of African American women and girls. 


I have had the honor to work with many different types of people over the years and hope to continue to do so.  Yet, my main area of specialty, study and advocacy has been women, particularly BIPOC women.  I use my professional expertise and lived experience to help women address issues from work-life balance, stress, depression, burnout, productivity, intersectional oppression, violence, relationships and more.My approach to therapy and coaching is to help clients clarify what is most important to them and articulate their vision for the life they want to live.  I help them outline steps and create strategies to help them move in the direction of their goals and values.  I utilize principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in both therapy and coaching.  I find it to be a good balance of nonjudgmental acknowledgment of thoughts, feelings, and experiences with a clear focus on values based action and change.  I also explore aspects of identity and culture that are sources of strength and pride but might also be targets for societal stereotypes and injustice.


Although I grew up in Southern California, I have lived in Sacramento for 18 years.  I am married and have 3 kids and a dog.  Gardening and decluttering are two of my favorite self-care activities.  I can often be found on the weekends cheering loudly at my kids’ sporting events and theater performances!


KOFI Adjepong

Psychology Trainee

I operate with the mindset, “where we start is not where we need to finish.” Our life experiences are our superpowers, and I am here to help build upon identifying your strengths. I am currently a second-year graduate student pursuing my doctoral degree. I believe we all carry unique experiences that will affect how to go about our collaborative efforts. I am not here to ‘fix you,’ but rather assist and help identify areas of concern. Collectively, we will strategize methods specifically tailored to the individual client.


Demond Washington

Psychology Trainee

As a PsyD student, I am passionate about the field of psychology and committed to becoming a well-rounded and knowledgeable mental health professional. With my strong background in social sciences and interest in helping others, I am eager to gain the skills and experience needed to succeed in the field. In my current studies, I am focusing on learning about a wide range of mental health issues and treatment approaches, with a particular career interest in working with underserved communities and athletes. I am also dedicated to staying current on the latest research and developments in the field and am always looking for opportunities to learn and grow.

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Jimmiela Bruessard

Psychology Trainee

I received my BA in Psychology at San Jose University and am now a second-year doctoral student at California Northstate University. My interests revolve around helping the community and giving clients strategies to improve on emotions, behaviors, communication and relationships.